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Aces Deals may be the ONLY sublimation company that offers a 

100% No Interest, No Fee, Layaway payment plan for sublimation printers and accessories.
A simple, Easy and Affordable Solution to getting the products you WANT!

1) E-Mail us at or just call our office (888) 239-2644 between 9AM - 5 PM Eastern time, Mon - Sat.
2) Provide a list of what you would like to place on Layaway.
3) Also indicate how much you would like to pay either bi-weekly or monthly.  
4) Your email layaway invoice will follow from SQUARE. 
Thru SQUARE we’ll email your itemized invoice, along with any discounts or coupons applicable.
You'll receive a recurring invoice every 2 weeks to make payments.
There is no time limit for your layaway but we will stress that it cannot go beyond one year.
5) Once you receive the invoice, "view and pay" to get your Aces layaway started.
Every 2-4 weeks you will receive a recurring invoice requesting your next minimum payment.
6) There are NO interest charges! No layaway fees! No cancellation charges!
You can also switch your layaway from one product to another, anytime you wish. Once your order, applicable tax and shipping are paid in full, your order will be shipped USPS Priority (or other applicable ground delivery services.

7) There is a Minimum Payment and time schedule of 12 mos. to pay off your Aces Layaway. 

Discuss our Aces Layaway program with our customer support. Call Aces Deals directly At (631) 730-7228 or (888) 239-2644. We’ll answer any questions, and get you started!

Thank you very much for your Support, but mostly for your loyalty. We appreciate your continued business.
if it wasn't for each and every one of our loyal customers, we would not exist.

Have a great day ~ God bless

Peter and Jan Ellin
(888) 239-2644